​What we do


BDT provides education seminars to the community including informal gatherings with the younger generation at the local hunt camps.  BDT has also started an intern program to work with the next generation of conservationists.

Spring Fling and Fall Fling.......

We host a pancake and sausage breakfast during the spring in the Laurels for our conservation neighbors and friends in the community. The Fall Fling is another opportunity for our community to gather over a country BBQ.

Special Projects........

We assist with special projects such as fundraising for the Laurels Covered Bridges Restoration Project. BDT helped raise $200,000 of the needed $400,000 to complete the project.  Matching funds were from the challenge grant from the Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and the Helen C. Kleberg Foundation.

Prior to the 1980's ​and the King Ranch Project there were minimal farms under conservation easement. Many of these easements were for steep slopes and wet lands protection, and not the type of easements known today.

During the mid-1980's, the King Ranch Project was formed through the guidance of the Brandywine Conservancy. This provided an important nucleus of 5,400 acres preserved, and included the creation of the 771 acre  Laurels Preserve.

Today, the community enjoys over 27,000 contiguous acres which are permanently preserved.

​We tell a Story of Conservation.....

BDT reminds everyone of the incredible story of preservation in which over 27,000 contiguous acres are preserved in our community. The story begins many, many years ago.  The efforts of many individuals, families and organizations have contributed to the impressive achievement of preservation which has provided an outstanding quality of life for today and for the future.

BDT encourages appreciation and community involvement for preservation through a variety of activities listed here.


Several times a year, we spend an hour or more cleaning up the corridor along Doe Run Rd.  (Rt 82) between Rokeby Rd. and Newark Rd. This program is coordinated with PennDot. It is an important project in keeping our scenic roadways pristine.

Prior to the 1980's

"The Laurels & The Hardy"

BDT assists the  Brandywine Conservancy in special projects, such as removing invasive plants,  within The Laurels Preserve. 

Community Issues

BDT attempts to keep updated on the various community issues effecting conservation in our area. Often this involves attending township meetings, meeting with the various decision makers along with disseminating the information.


Mid-1980's;   KingRanch Project

"The Small but Mighty"

BDT established a committee to explore all of the options for the small land owner interested in preserving their property. These smaller parcels, often under 10 acres, can be very significant contributions to the overall preservation of the area.