Summer - Brandywine Conservancy's special evening for Buck & Doe Trust to view the Andrew Wyeth in Retrospect exhibition!

Intern: Tucker Hunter

​​​"Wear Your Conservation Hat" Party      ​There were many creative hats!

The Laurels "education center" and rain garden are completed! Please stop by!

2018 Winter Holiday party with fellow eased landowners. Plus, Pass the Buck ​awarded to Nancy Mohr for her preservation contributions.

Jerry Brown
Terry Corkran                                           Phoebe Driscoll                                       Mamie Duff                      Suzanne Kloud                                      

Celebrating Brandywine Conservancy's 50th Anniversary at Runnymede with fellow eased Land Owners!

Jamie O'Rourke
Marie Pfeffer

Amy McKenna - President
Richard Buchanan -Vice President
Nina Burnaford - Secretary
John Goodall - Treasurer

Board Members

Our Mission

Janet Sidewater                      Susannah Small
Pam Smyth
Barbara Stewart                              Lizzie Vannote

The Buck and Doe Trust is a non-profit organization of community members whose stated mission is support of land and water resource conservation within the Buck and Doe Run watersheds. These watersheds include, but are not limited to, the Townships of East Fallowfield, West Marlborough, East Marlborough, Highland, Londonderry, and Newlin.

The Trust initiatives to accomplish this mission are:

  • Promote, through member involvement and education, the creation of additional high quality conservation easements within the Buck and Doe watersheds.
  • Monitor and support active enforcement by easement grantees of all existing conservation easement requirements.
  • Participate, influence, and monitor the stewardship of the Laurels Reserve by the Environmental Management Center of the Brandywine Conservancy.
  • Initiate and encourage active and timely communication on land and water resource conservation issues within the Buck and Doe watersheds.

2019 Events:



Terry Corkran
                   Pam Smyth
                ​                                       Barbara Stewart     

Fall/Winter Event:

Tentatively: Oct 15th

An event specifically for BDT members who have eased their properties.